domingo, diciembre 10, 2006

Once a blogger, always a blogger!

Well, it seems I'm about to start posting again. I've been wanting to do it for a while now, but for whatever the reason, haven't been able.

Even though one of the original reasons for starting this blog was to practice the English language, I believe I'll switch back to Spanish. I have a number of things to say, and I feel more comfortable using my mother tongue. I'm nowadays living in Spain, and although I speak Spanish, the culture of Spain I'm trying to assimilate, starting by the language itself and the ways it is used here.

So, from the next post on, I'll start writing in Spanish once again, perhaps inserting an English post from time to time. Please bear with me on this.

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Julio dijo...

While some languages are more suitable than others for specific purposes, it is my firm belief that the ability to accurately convey meaning will always be more important than the language being used.

Welcome back to the blogosphere, comrade Br00n1x!