viernes, septiembre 24, 2004

Very bad news: Ceneval rejected me

The three places Ceneval had for November have been already occupied: I will have to wait until next year to:

  1. Call them to find out the new price of the examination.

  2. Pay the price difference.

  3. Take there once again my documentation.

  4. Define a date for the examination (hopefuly in February.)

domingo, septiembre 12, 2004

Bruno Unna-2

Bruno Unna Hernández was born, weighting 2,830 g and 49 cm tall. Photographs are to be expected soon.

Obviously, the amount of thoughts and feelings is overwhelming. I will be posting about it later.

jueves, septiembre 09, 2004

Just visited my hairdresser.

miércoles, septiembre 08, 2004

A content edition role for SELinux

At last I have a role for the web content administration, with apache and selinux, on Fedora Core 2.

Why was it so difficult? Basically because the sample security schemas don't consider the possibility of having a role specifically and exclusively for administering some kind of content (web content in my case).

SELinux is a difficult thing to deal with, because the configuration files are written in m4. My advice, at the present moment, is to carefully read the contents of the macros/core_macros.te file.

Signed up for AdSense

I've just signed up for Google's AdSense program. I'm not sure it is a good idea, since it is advertising, and advertising is usually something visitors don't thank, but I hope the targeted nature of the program will make the shown ads of some use.
Hopefully the ads will even be useful! :)

A blog has been created

Well, it looks like I finally have my very own personal blog. What am I going to use it for? To begin with, I will follow my friend Sebastian's example: I'm going to use it to practice my english writing.